"I could not have asked for a more genuine, down to earth and relatable person to guide me through this challenging time. Cameron made me feel heard, he listened and cared.  He worked above and beyond to get to know the real me and he made me feel validated even though I was my own worst enemy at the time.  I truly believe I would not be in this state of self-enlightenment and self-acceptance if it wasn't for our paths crossing.  Cameron is a man of honesty and integrity and his unique quality in his determination to provide his clients with a connective rebirthing-energy that will last a lifetime." 

-Stacey, Nurse, Gold Coast

“I had to release a lot of beliefs that weren’t serving me anymore. Fear is a big one, fear of being judged and not being confident, not good enough, don’t deserve it. Just releasing this is a massive weight off my shoulders. This retreat has given me a lot more clarity. Feeling way more calm and clear and that has led to massive clarity in the direction of my business.  Not to mention the endless wisdom that I get from every call with you."

-Eric M, Investor, Gold Coast

"Cameron has the rare capacity to hold the space, allowing you to grow and expand.  He achieves this with a friendly and guiding approach. Cameron has helped me reach levels of growth that I did not think possible."

-Andrew W, Educator + Coach, Gold Coast

"In a word, transformational. Cameron is simply brilliant at what he does, highly recommend anyone considering going down this path to reach out and at least have a chat. Thanks man for all your help!" 

-Daniel T, Business Owner, Gold Coast

"Cameron is an exceptional Coach! I have gone to him with some complex problems and within minutes he has helped me overcome them. His warmth, passion, and love for what he does, shines through. Thank YOU for helping me and my family live a way better quality of life. I highly recommend Cameron. You will not regret it!"

-Renee, Coach, Gold Coast

"Thank you for being the person to see my true potential."

~Jen M, Interior Designer, Gold Coast

"Cameron helped me clear all of my limiting beliefs and successfully start my own coaching business."

-Sophia B, Life Coach

"I have found exactly what was holding me back and have been able to clear everything keeping there for such a long time and that was stopping me from progressing. I feel so confident and strong within myself to do exactly what I am here to do"

-Cameron Turner, Business Owner, Gold Coast

"Thanks to Cameron, I'm now feeling much more at peace with myself and have a level of personal clarity I never thought possible. Life changing!"

Nick S. Business Owner, Gold Coast